Softgel Manufacturing

Experience the advantage of personalization with ISO Nutritionals’ softgel capsule production service. We offer you the freedom to create a supplement that’s entirely tailored to your brand, with customizable features including size, color, shape, and coating.

Our skilled team of nutritional experts is committed to collaborating with your business to craft the ideal product that aligns with your requirements. ISO Nutritionals also provides strategic advice on pricing your product competitively to succeed in the market. We’re passionate about the prosperity of our clients.

Tailored Manufacturing Solutions

Our custom softgels offer a wide array of customization possibilities. You can choose the shell color, shape, and size best suits your brand. The softgel’s outer shell can be made translucent or opaque depending on the supplement’s composition. We also provide the option to infuse a custom fragrance to mask strong ingredient smells, particularly suitable for Omega-3 and fish oil formulas.

We recommend our sought-after enteric coating for formulas that are primarily absorbed in the small intestines. Our designer softgels, filled with flavored liquid supplements, are the perfect solution for those who struggle with swallowing pills. If our offerings don’t match your vision, our design team is on standby at (888) 206-9018 to create a softgel to your exact specifications.

Unmatched Quality

All of your products will be produced in our FDA-approved facility with rigorous temperature and air quality control. ISO Nutritionals’ pharmaceutical-grade softgels maintain the highest quality standards. Our internal team of medical professionals and expert technicians oversee every manufacturing process step, ensuring our stringent quality standards are met.

ISO Nutritionals’ meticulous drying and encapsulation processes are tried and tested, delivering a product that stands unrivaled. Choosing ISO Nutritionals for your softgel manufacturing needs will guarantee a professionally crafted, nutritionally superior product that will delight your customers.

Packaging Excellence

Our design maestros will curate a packaging solution that enhances the allure of your softgel supplement. Whether you prefer traditional bottles, blister packs of individual capsules, or single-dose packaging, our top-notch design team is more than capable. We also provide tailored product brochures and informative materials designed to enlighten your customers.

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The ISO Nutritionals team is at your disposal, ready to guide you through the process of nutraceutical manufacturing for your unique product. From selecting the perfect capsule style to packaging your product for resale, our team is dedicated to your success. To get started, click on this link or call ISO Nutritionals at (352)729-6489 for your free product quote.